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Mrs Bee Wickens (nee Beasley), Senior Historical Advisor, Friends of Elvaston

I stand here, in retiring years
Baying to the moon,
To save our precious Elvaston,
Whose fate is sealed e'er soon!
How could they betray you so?
I cry out in my pain;
To cast aside, in one fell blow,
All we stand to gain.

All the years you sheltered us
From tyranny and greed,
While all around did fight and cuss,
Trying to succeed
In taking from us ownership
To have you for their own;
Robbing us of national pride,
That should be ours alone!

Where's the loyalty or justice
In such a Judas deed?
Especially as we love you so
And, of you, have such need
For, together, we still can fill
Your rooms with life and laughter;
Together, we will strive until
Rejoicing, years hereafter,
We'll see you glory days regain
And, bringing joy to all,
As, proudly standing, your domain
Will rally to our call!


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