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Mrs Bee Wickens (nee Beasley), Senior Historical Advisor, Friends of Elvaston

The war had waged for six long years
But, tis an ill wind blows no good,
Thus, we found ourselves resited,
Where usually gentry stood.
The house was castellated,
With a lovely lake in view,
Bedecked with isles and willows,
Backed by rocks and woodland, too.

The entrance gazed upon a maze,
And crown of golden yew,
Which formed an arch of darker green
To carry forth one's view.
To way beyond, and golden gates
With age, were looking blue,
But yet impressive and so fine
Flanked by broad, green avenues and pine.

Italian gardens, with statues round,
Echoed the "Fair Star" theme within,
Where qolden pillars with spears were bound,
And golden alcoves held standing knights armour in,
Lacy balustraded curving marble stairs
Broadly swept from high lanterned hall,
Where, overseen from high balcony,
Were statues in niches and portraits on wall.

Thus, my dream to live in a rnansion
With a hall of gold, so fine,
And beauteous grounds around it
With gardens of design
Came true, though I could scarce believe it!
It was such a wonderful time.


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